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We have some of the biggest & tastiest Wafflez in the state. Our waffle ingredients are kept secret until your taste buds are unleashed from the sweet butter, syrup and caramel that makes you say yes, I’ll have a second to go!! Build-your-own-Wafflez, with any of our fresh ingredients, especially with the Blueberriez inside and garnished on top, or the Ruby Red Strawberries, even Mangoz.


Our FRESH BREAKFAST is served ALL DAY! Our Sharp Cheddar Cheeze Gritz are to good to be true. Fresh eggs and crispy bacon completes the experience. Last and most of ALL you can get our Chicken-N-Wafflez at any time of day made fresh

Come in on a quick lunch getaway and pick-up our Mini-Hot Dog Trio or our Big Dogz with Chili, Cheese even jalapenoz. They are really, really good!!

Now, are you ready for one of the best Pulled-Pork BBQ sandwiches on the planet? We make ’em like we mean it.

Well its here at Wafflez-N-Creamz. It starts with a sweet bun that has character all by itself but we can’t stop there.

Step out of your comfort zone with our tangy pulled pork/chicken and lay some slaw right in your kisser. That was your last sweet tweet till it’s gone


* Iced Coffeez – Cold Brewed & chilled Vanilla or Hazelnut
* Teaz – Sweet N Tangy Raspberry or Malicious Mango
* Lattéz – Local Roasted Expresso-Premium Quality

Try our Smoothiez that have real bits of Mango, Strawberriez and Blueberriez. You can add protein before or after a workout or for a healthy breakfast.

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